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In this weird new reality-tv version of America, filled with mounting social and political unrest, Artists For Progress was born. It began with 35 artists who chose to fight hate with hope, to use their voices to mobilize for change, and to raise funds for organizations serving the marginalized and oppressed.

Though times like these could render us immobile, we’ve rallied together and are refusing to sit by and watch. We are artists as activists with a voice so loud a corrupt government cannot silence us. We will use every artistic medium and discipline to channel people’s fear and despair into the most meaningful art of our careers and lifetimes.

This is art with purpose, helping to keep our beautiful country progressing toward truth, inclusiveness, acceptance, tolerance, and love.

We are artists for progress.



Artists For Progress exists to channel the energy of the resistance into action. We make art with purpose, and make it available to the public with dual hopes of spreading our message and supporting organizations currently under attack by this administration. 




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